The One-Stop Industrial Electronic Enclosures Solution

Who We Are

Mobius enclosures has been manufacturing industrial enclosures for electronics applications for over 30 years. At Mobius, we can use our extensive manufacturing experience to eliminate the need for a third party customizer incorporating your company's specific requirements, resulting in reduced manufacturing and shipping cost as well as improved quality control.The result is a shorter design process in a much quicker time to market.

Mobius is able to customize all our standard enclosures to each client specifications; Stainless steel, galvanised steel and aluminum enclosures, changing the size and the shape of the enclosure is no problem at Mobius Enclosures!

Our Advantage

Adding additional holes or cut outs to products is a daily duty for Mobius' craftsman.

Special finishes like powder coating and silkscreening, not a problem!

Noise screening or RFID shielding for a client product? You can count on Mobius to manage those operations as well!

We can even provide special packing & shipping services to get your enclosure delivered on time and in perfect condition.

At Mobius, we can meet our clients' exact requirements, customizing the enclosure to detailed specifications before sending it off to them for production. This eliminates the need for multiple prototypes, saving time and cost along the way!

Our Products

 We Provide

  • Custom work turn key electronic enclosures
  • modifications and custom work
  • Standard products for Mobius enclosure designs
  • On time delivery