Our server cabinets have been used widely for the safe and secure storage of servers and other types of networking equipment. Due to the internationally accepted 19" mounting width norm, almost all kinds of rack mounted networking, sensing, power, instrumentation, or monitoring equipment can be easily installed and housed in a server rack.


19" / 26" RACK CABINETSserver-cabinets

Galvanised Steel / Stainless Steel
Cooling and Ventilation options
Fully Modular
Conformance to IEC 297-2 and others
Full Customisation options available

Ordering Information (Based on a Indoor 42U Rack)
1. Main Frame - 1pc
2. Exhaust Fan (Top, Concealed) - 2 pcs
3. 12-way Power Distribution Unit - 1pc
4. Front & Rear Door (plain/tinted glass/ vented) - 2 pcs
5. Left & Right Side Panels - 2 pcs
6. Fixed Ventilated/Plain shelf - 2 pcs
7. Telescopic, Sliding shelf - 2 pcs
8. Height Adjustable Feet - 4 pcs
9. Castor Wheels - 4 pcs
10. Powder Coated Finish

44U 19 inch Open RackOPENRACK300X400 Frame

Galvanised Steel
Fully Modular
Full Customisation options available

Ordering Information
1. Main Frame - 1pc

2. Silkscreen Printed Numbering System

3. Side Frame with Cable Runner System

4. Floor Mount Provisions

5. 19 inch rack mounting system

6. Powder Coated Finish

Also available: 19 inch Blank Panels ranging from 2U - 8U, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for customization options!