Stainless Steel Work Table


- Flat surface for food processing or part assembly
- Height Adjustable feet for uneven floorings
- 200kg weight bearing capacity
- Size: 1100W x 800H x 800D

Made in Singapore

Price: $750.00


Stainless Steel Working Station

stainless steel work station table

- Equipment Under-shelves
- Storage Compartments
- Back splash / Anti drop rear edge
- Anti Slip leg supports
- Drawers
- Size: H1340 x W1600 x D700mm

Made in Singapore
Price: $2500.00

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Stainless Steel Receptable Waste Bin

stainless steel trash bin

- Top with flipping cover
- Stepping mechanism for flipping cover
- SUS 304 4B grade Stainless Steel
- Size: 12" x 21" x 16"
Price: $350.00

- Size: 12" x 12" x 18"
Price: $290.00

Made in Singapore

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Booties Shoe Compartment Cabinet

pigeon hole cupboard

- Stainless Steel with 4B finish
- Bottom storage cabinets
- Double sided compartment "PIGEON HOLES" for tool/equipment storage
- Burr free and folded edges for ease of access
- Size: 1100W x 620D x 180mm High

Made in Singapore

Price: $1850.00



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Cleanroom Storage and Garment Cabinet

Supplies Garment storage cabinet

- For storage of supplies, garments and equipment within the cleanroom
- Rack shelving with Swing Doors
- Stainless Steel with 4B finish
- Adjustable shelves x 6pcs
- Stainless steel doors with see through glass optional
- Slant or flat tops available
- Leveling feet for uneven flooring
- Size: 1050W x 1800H x 450Dmm

Made in Singapore

Price: $2800.00

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