EMC Cabinets is simply a product that has been developed based on the concept of Faraday's Cage. In order to have a cabinet that is truly considered "Shielded", the following must be considered: Shielding effectiveness of design, grounding and bonding considerations, control of cable and conduit entry, compartmentization of enclosure,  as well as electrostatic discharge (ESD) control in enclosures. Talk to us, tell us your requirements, and we will create the cabinet for you!

+ Shielding Effectiveness (SE) Measurement according to IEEE C299 at Test Lab
+ RF Attenuation Levels: No less than 35dB for 6GHz
+ Electro Galvanised Steel
+ Epoxy Powder Coated
+ Customised or international 19" rack standards
+ Color: Black, Grey, White
+ Removeable side panels, side locks optional
+ Front and rear door with Louvers and dust filters
+ Top and bottom cable entries
+ Earthing kit with vertical copper earth bar with tapped holes
+ Base plinth
+ Abloy cam locks for both front and rear doors
+ Type: standing
+ Certification: ISO 9001:2000
+ OEM service availale
+ Size: 42U, 19", 1000mm depth
+ Price: TBD