IP (Ingress Protection) Rated Cabinets

Our cabinets have been rated up to IP66. This means that our enclosures are not only dust tight, but water tight as well. In practical environements, this means even if you use a jet spray to wash the cabinets, the internal equipment will remain dry! In hazardous locations, where dust can be flammable and explosive if sparked, our air tight enclosures means that even when a spark occurs within the enclosure, no interaction of the spark will exist with the flammable dust outside! To us, this is the only IP rating that matters, and we strive to transfer such ease of mind to our users as well. With such a high level of protection, Stainless Steel Enclosures gives additional benefits of anti corrosion, weathering capabilities, as well as a elegant and coherent aesthetic appearance.

We offer the best stainless steel enclosures in the market. Be it used as Electrical Panel Enclosures, Terminal Boxes, Industrial Enclosures, or Junction boxes, our series of stainless steel enclosures has been tested and certified to be up to IP66. Waterproof, Corrosion-Resistant and Dust-Tight, it is an excellent performer for all industries. Furthermore, we provide customisation and engineering design services to our customers as well!  

 Stainless Steel Enclosures


- Stainless Steel 316L
- Screwed Lid or Hinged Door type
- IP66 rated
- Gland plates allow for customisable cable entry sizes
- Concealed hinges provides 120 degress opening
- Earthing facilities: 1 on inner and 1 on outer body, 1 on door
- Double folded gutter design provides maximun rigidity and water ingress   
- Large range of Customised sizes available

Outdoor IP66 Panel

+ Outdoor Panel IP66
+ 3mm thick SS316
+ H2100 x W1200 x D800mm
+ With Weather and Heat Shield
+ Earthing Facilities
+ Floor Standing
+ Lifting eyelets available
+ Lockable Swing Handles
+ Thumbturn locks for extra security 
+ Bottom Opening for cable entries
+ Price: $9500.00