is set up by a group of enclosure designers with a combined industry experience of over 30 years. Through this website, we hope to not only generate business opportunities, but also educate anyone who might or currently need enclosures to protect their equipment. This is because for us, business is more of a creative endeavour - a way to explore what's possible, help others, and support yourself at the same time. Through our experience we have seen many cases of inexeperienced purchasers requesting us to design and fabricate for them enclosures which either provide over protection or under protection. This resulted in many unhappy scenarios that involves upset engineers and dissatisfied customers. It is important to know your server racks from your IP66 enclosures. If these terms sound foreign to you, please visit our Knowledge Central to take a read at some of our articles! As the saying goes, a little initiative can go a long way.

Safety cabints is a term used widely to describe flammable storage cabinets as wells as, chemicals and corrosive liquids storage cabinets.

Some key characteristics of safety cabinets:- able to protect internal items from fire to certain time limits, applicable to standards EN14470-1
- spill and leak proof base and shelves
- powder coated finish for metal cabinets

Selecting the most appropriate type of equipment enclosures saves you unneccesary costs, time and energy which could be put to better use else where. Below are some tips and criteria that any buyer or user should read through before they make their choice of enclosures. Over protection leads to unneccessary costs, and under protection leaves all your enclosure internals, that is your valuable equipment, vulnerable to environmental and physical attacks.

Because of its universal applications and versatility, 19" rack cabinets serves a wide variety of industries under different names. It is important to differentiate your server racks from power racks or you will be labelled a rookie.

Many different names include

-19" racks,
- server cabinets,
- 26" convertible to 19" racks,
- open racks,
- telecommunication racks,
- power module racks
- EMC racks, etc.

KoalaWhat are EMC enclosures?

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