We specialise in designing and manufacturing enclosures, kiosks, or stands for Apple, Android and Windows based tablets which can be deployed in various industries, such as trade shows, exhibitions, retail shops, healthcare facilities, and hospitality sectors! We can design based on our clients' design and requirements, or you can use our standard array of ready to use models! Multi angle viewing, elegant, modular, and with ample advertising space for posters, stickers, or catalogues, our tablet kiosks gives all users an engaging and interactive experience that is beyond compare with all other models in the market!

Ipad Enclosure Case with Security Lock - Fits iPad 2 to 4 (table mount)

Made of high grade aluminium, the enclosure provides anti theft security. Tamper resistant, wall or table mountings possible! 
The metal enclosure provides uninterrupted access to all wifi, bluetooth or 3g radio frequencies, while providing access to the home, volume and power buttons.

The iPad enclosure can be used together with a cable lock for extra security.
Ideal for retail, exhibtions, sales, education, healthcare, the possbilities are endless!

Width: 200mm
Height: 300mm
Thickness: 20mm

Price: $199.90


Ipad Kiosk (Multi Angle View)

Multi Angle viewing, Portrait or Landscape mode possible
IPad Enclosure comes with security lock to prevent theft
Powder coated sheet steel with aluminium iPad enclosure
Power cables can be routed through the stand so as to prevent tampering from users and provide neat appearance
Base, Body and enclosure fully modular for easy transport and set up
Suitable for all iPad models

Made in Singapore

Width: 300mm
Height: 1400mm
Depth: 545mm

Price: $980.00